15 April 2016

Life of Art SitRep #322 Space for Art

This week I took better advantage of my temporary dining room art studio. There is definitely something to having your supplies out, and in this case, staring at you as you eat breakfast, with a space to create waiting for you.

My brushes hadn't been used in years, safely tucked away with my paints in a tackle box in my closet. An economy of space that basically ensured no use.

I created some more experiments with gouache and watercolor, gathering data. How much water to mix in, how much water makes the page start to curl...

Discovered, or more accurately, remembered that I like to paint standing up because it changes the flow of your arm. Watercolors and gouache are not easel friendly though. I stood with a knee resting on a chair and leaned over the page. Maybe a work surface a bit higher would help.

Iterate, iterate, iterate! When I get segments I like, I can photoshop them together with other pieces from other pages. I am not limited to the confines of one 9x12" page and I can rearrange elements at will. At least that's the present theory. So going one stroke too far is not so tragic as it could be.

Also figured out a more permanent way to keep my art supplies handy but out of the way. They won't quite be staring me in the face as they have been these last two weeks, but the number of preliminary steps needed to take to create art have been drastically reduced.

Storage of the things I create is still an issue, but I'm working flat and relatively small for now, so I'll figure something out. I have some more closet space now as it happens...

Also made some more All-Over-Print Tote Bags:
Rainbow Colored Bullseye Design on Black Tote Bag
Rainbow Colored Bullseye Design on Black Tote Bag by RocklawnArts
Check out All over print Totes online at zazzle

Shot 10 videos of snowing and 1 photograph, 1 video and 3 photos of a bear (or at least I tried to photograph the bear). I wrote some notes about how to do better next time. Also made 67 photographs to document some work.

Deleted 44 photos from 2015. The great cull continues.

Consolidated some tags in Lightroom.

And finally, created my first new Otterbox cases for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone SE/5/5s, and Samsung Galaxy s7:
Sturdy Black and White Chevrons Case
Sturdy Black and White Chevrons Case by RocklawnArts
Find more Protective Otterbox Cases at Zazzle
Protective Geometric Black and White Chevrons Case
Protective Geometric Black and White Chevrons Case by RocklawnArts
Check out Protective Otterbox Cases online at zazzle

How was your week?

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