19 February 2016

Life of Art SitRep #315 Affordable Wood Posters

I'm excited to announce the new affordable 100% Natural Wood Posters I added to my shop. The unique wood grain of each print shows through my original photographs and designs.

The Wood Veneer Posters are an affordable alternative to the Wood Wall Art at Rocklawn Arts.
Evocative Adobe Doorway Wood Poster
Evocative Adobe Doorway Wood Poster by RocklawnArts
Check out Home Wood Posters online at zazzle

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Natural Wood Posters at Rocklawn Arts!

Shot 127 photographs of environmental/atmospheric curiosities.

Culled 90 products from my shop.

Updated my list of promotional blogs I post to.

Updated links and LOA files.

Watched What don’t you know about Copyright? What’s it costing you? Thriving Artist Profile with Danielle Merrick. Thumbs up! Most of what they talk about is also covered in text at the same link if you prefer to read.

Filed my taxes, woohoo!

How was your week?

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