12 February 2016

Life of Art SitRep #314 Black Stripes and Chevrons with Your Name

Finished adding my new design, Black Stripes and Chevrons with Your Name, to items in my shop. The names and background colors are each customizable.

(If you click the pillow, it will display correctly vertical on Zazzle. The image link below is being feisty.)

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Black Stripes and Chevrons Pattern with Your Name.

Shot 18 photos and 4 videos of snowfall.

Created some new templates for a new product type I'll start adding next week. Follow me on Twitter @RocklawnArts to see those products as they appear in my shop.

Made monthly backups.

Culled 100 products and a discontinued product. The streamlining continues.

How was your week?

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