09 October 2015

Life of Art SitRep #296 Sick Days

Colds are a real drag, you guys. It'd been a good while since I'd had a true and proper knockdown cold. Saying "cold" sounds so insufficient, like I should just be able to "tough it out." Tried that for a bit but noticed I wasn't feeling any better so backed off. I wanted to get so much more done this week. The severe laryngitis has not helped either.

But a few things got done this week so I shall celebrate those and hope to do better next week.

Shot a bunch of photographs. Couldn't say how many because I have yet to upload them all.

Made Christmas Wrapping Supplies collection featuring red and green designs on wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and stickers:

Updated descriptions and tags for 24 designs.

Changed featured collection on my home page from wallet iPhone 6/6s cases to iPhone 6/6s plus wood cases.

Culled my products a little more.

Started my monthly backups. Still a bit further to go. Have you backed up lately?

10 years ago on TTaT: Erosion, in real time

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