26 September 2015

Evening Entertainment

After dinner at Panera with my parents, Mom suggested we stop by the local grocery store that had recently been re-branded. I knew they'd changed the name and the facade of the store, but did not realize they'd completely remodeled the interior as well.

Holy cow!

They ripped out the dropped ceilings so you can see all the way up to the metal girders and completely redid all the display cases and counters. It's soooo spacious now.

My initial reaction was, Wow, this looks like we live somewhere that people have money. There's a very metropolitan, luxurious feel to the store, except that it's probably more spacious than it would be in an actual metropolis.

Right as you walk in, there's a glass wall full of floral displays on one side and a bit further in on the other side, a freestanding dessert counter rectangle about 15 feet long and 8 feet wide. Everything in the cases looks so amazing!

The dining area has gentle lighting and floor to ceiling windows. Granted, you're looking out over the parking lot, but at this time of evening, the cars were dark and the sky above them was spectacular.

There's a sushi bar, a massive cheese counter, a whole section of individual bottles of specialty beers.

And I knew all the music from my youth, so they're probably targeting people my age.

Love it and hope the area can sustain it.

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