30 July 2015

This Week's Dream Appearances

Sometimes it feels like I can go months without dreaming, or only briefly recalling an elusive fragment or feeling.

This week I've had two detailed, memorable dreams. I won't bore you with the totalities, but here are some highlights in list form:

A thin orange 10-speed bike on an epically long ride.
An art studio classroom space in an industrial complex.
A classmate from high school showing me around that space.
Natasha Lyonne was also there, giving me sass.
A long hill down from the museum with an animal park near the entrance.
A split path through tall grassy golden fields.
A mama black bear and her 3 little cubs between me and the exit.
Two bald eagles, taller than the cubs.
A park ranger with bits of raw bacon who was able to lure them away.

My living room, larger than it is and full of people I don't know but didn't mind being there.
Also Michelle Obama, the guest of honor, radiant and gracious.
Hands covered in olive oil and sea salt.
Watching a movie with everyone, perhaps 9 to 5.
During commercial breaks, The First Lady Skype-chatting with someone on a TV network.

I don't know what's triggering these dreams. Staying up too late? Doesn't make sense but that's what I did last night. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying them.

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  1. Your dreams have great guest stars!

    1. Probably means I watch too much TV, but I'll take it! ;)