15 July 2015


So apparently my small town has a local community magazine. This month's issue featured photographs from the prom held at our historic town library back in May.

Mom said she initially thought the couple on the cover was part of a wedding party. She was right, they could have been. The young man wore a tuxedo and his date had on a stylish cocktail dress.

The photos were all shot outside of the library with varying backgrounds which made it a pleasing spread to peruse rather than having a mugshot book feel.

What caught my eye and made me smile was a couple comprised of two young women. They looked as happy as all the hetero couples, no shyness or reservation in their smiles. One wore a more traditional calf-length prom dress with high top Chucks. Why didn't I think of that? Her date wore a good looking tux. I wish I'd had the guts to do that.

For me, the prom was over two decades ago, so I won't berate myself for choices I made in a different time.

Instead I will revel in victories large and small: two young women attending the prom together wearing whatever they felt like; a month later, marriage equality for everyone in the United States; and a month after that, those same two young women receiving photo coverage equal to all the other couples in the article of a small town magazine.


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