31 July 2015

Life of Art SitRep #286 2016 Calendar Magnets

No sooner than I'd finished updating my calendars last week than there was a site update which compelled me to remake my traditional wall calendars. In the long run, this is good. My calendars will be evergreen (I won't need to create new versions each year) since it's now simple for the consumer to change the calendar's year. Took me a few iterations to get everything squared away.

Created new thin 2016 Calendar Magnetic Cards to provide a larger 5"x7" magnet at an economical price point. They are also available postcard sized.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New 2016 Calendar Mousepads at Rocklawn Arts, New 2016 Calendar Magnets at Rocklawn Arts, New 2016 Calendar Posters at Rocklawn Arts, New Customizable Calendars at Rocklawn Arts, and New 2016 Calendar Magnetic Cards.

Made 4 calendar collections, one for each grouping (wall calendar collection shown above).

Updated calendar folder image in store.

Rearranged store categories a little.

Watched Logo Design 101 with Tim Frame on Creative Live.

How was your week?

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