26 June 2015

Life of Art SitRep #281 Begrudging Inspiration

Family visitors have been taking up my time this week. I begrudged a bit being pulled from my work. However, it's good to be driven outside to different stimuli, particularly when it includes a cool contemporary art museum on one day and a sculpture park on another. I created a lot of photographs this week and a few short video clips.

I still need to upload them all, a process a bit more involved with my current computer issues. If my Mac boots up OK, I'll endeavor to do that after I finish here.

Even with the disruption this week, I managed to get a fair amount done.

Note to self: Get out more.

Finished adding select designs and photographs to the new iPhone 6 battery cases:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPhone 6 Battery Cases now at Rocklawn Arts!

Created a new collection: Stylish iPhone 6 Wallet Cases:

Created vertical version of Black Stripes and Chevrons fabric:

Revised descriptions for Blue Abstract products.

Read/viewed California: With Classic California Writings by Ansel Adams.

How was your week?

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