29 May 2015

Life of Art SitRep #277 Geometrics

Huzzah! The time consuming monogram templates are finished. Hopefully the pace of things will pick up from here. Though now I think about it any design where I have to change the monogram color will be a bit mind numbing. Still faster than this week though. I'll take it!

Created another small batch of Black Stripes And Chevrons With Monogram On White products. The rest will be coming soon now I've finished the templates.

Also started adding design variation Black Equal Sign Geometric Pattern on White to some products:

Created Stylish iPhone 6 Plus Wood Cases and Striking Samsung Galaxy S6 Photo Cases collections.

Rocklawn Arts blogged Gay Pride Rainbow Swag and Stylish iPhone 6 Plus Wood Cases.

Updated links file.

Made accent pillow templates.

Weeded out some old iPad templates.

Watched a video class beta version through a mailing list I'm on.

How was your week?

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