01 May 2015

Life of Art SitRep #273 Stopgap Measure, Engage!

If you've been following along, you know my iMac has been getting progressively less reliable. This week it crashed every day I turned it on and sometimes more than once a day. I spent a lot of this week backing files up.

It's like it knew there was a PC in the room because not long after I brought the laptop in, the screen went black, then the bottom third came back on, but it was frozen nonetheless. The iMac has been in a time out since Wednesday.

The catch is that I only have core files on a drive a PC can read.

So why the PC? Well, I refuse to buy an iMac that's a year and a half old (most of Apple's product line at present). Even the newest 5K retina top of the line model is 6 months old and for $2500, I want more RAM and hard drive space standard. Most of the line is due for a significant refresh and I don't want to spend that much for a much upgraded version to come out in a few months.

My Dad is kindly letting me borrow his PC laptop in the interim. Oh, the learning curve! Fortunately I can do a lot of work as long as I have access to a web browser. And I'm pretty stoked that NeoOffice files work seamlessly with OpenOffice. So score for that.

Most of the past two days have been getting the laptop set up and figuring out how to do what I've taken for granted on my computer. Now that I have a mouse hooked up, I'm in better shape to get back to work. (I don't have the hang of making text selections on a track pad.)

So...before things got crazy, what did I get done this week? (I think I'm missing a day or so of notes that didn't make it to my PC/Mac friendly drive before my iMac's last though hopefully not final crash.)

Shot about 250 photographs.

Created some more Wine Totes:
Red and White Meander Wine Bags
Red and White Meander Wine Bags by RocklawnArts
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Also made some new templates and started adding my designs to Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases:
Abstract Teal Polygons Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases
Abstract Teal Polygons Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases by RocklawnArts
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How was your week?

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