26 December 2014

Life of Art SitRep #255 Xmas week

Happy Boxing Day! Or Merry Post-Christmas! Or Happy Post-Saturnalia! Merry what-have-you if you celebrate this time of year, and if you don't, I hope you've had a lovely week all the same!

The driver hoped-to-be-the-fix I uploaded last week was short lived. Went two days before my computer crashed again. Argh.

Most of the week has been enjoyable with the holiday, however, so I'm focusing on that.

Post-processed a new photograph and added Storm Clouds Breaking to my shop:
Storm Clouds Breaking Wallclocks
Storm Clouds Breaking Wallclocks by RocklawnArts
Shop for additional Wall Clocks online at Zazzle

Started work on a new design.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPhone 5/5S Battery Cases at Rocklawn Arts! and New Incipio Feather® Shine iPhone 6 Plus Cases at Rocklawn Arts!

Updated LOA, links files.

Reorganized store a bit.

Watched Tony Cliff's Scan Preparation video for Delilah Dirk.

How was your week?

(Links to my store or products on Zazzle are affiliate links to help me earn more so that I can continue creating photographs and designs. The links do not change the items' price.)

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