17 October 2014

Life of Art SitRep #245 Roam where you want to

There were surprise goats this week when I was out on a meander, huzzah!

Shot 173 photographs and did some useful experiments.

Surveyed my archive picks from last week and post processed my next photograph, Snow Falling. I've got another section of products to add to my shop, so I'll show it to you next week. It'll show up in my Winter Photos category if you want to see it sooner.

Added customizable monograms to some of my Geometric Christmas Wreath items:

Updated links and LOA files.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Disco Ball Ornaments photograph.

Watched Creative Wow: Macro Photography with Jack Davis and first section of Creative Wow: Aerial and Copter Photography with Jack Davis.

Finished reading Popular Photography Sept. 2014 issue.

How was your week?

(When I provide links to my store or products on Zazzle, I use affiliate links to earn more so that I can continue creating photographs and designs. The links do not change the items' cost to you in any way.)

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