03 October 2014

Life of Art SitRep #243 Momentarily Caught Up

The notion of being caught up is relative, I suppose. There's always something you could be working on. I try to fill my reprieves with learning and improvement. And photography!

This week, I shot 140 photographs capturing a bit of autumn. Wrong time of day really but scouted some locations, thought of things to bring to do better in future and had a good time.

Finished adding selected photographs to new iPhone 6 Plus Cases:

Made 2015 Black & White Photography Calendar long and standard formats:

Made Construction Crane 2015 Calendar Magnet:
Construction Crane 2015 Calendar Magnet
Construction Crane 2015 Calendar Magnet by RocklawnArts
View Black and white photo Magnets online at zazzle

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPhone 6 Plus Cases at Rocklawn Arts!

Zazzle changed my ProSellers status to ProDesigners which is a distinction I appreciate.

Watched segment 2 of Real Estate and Architectural Photography with Mike Kelley. He walked through how he shot a particular image of a huge theater. Oh, the compositing, light painting and Photoshop involved.

Listened to Positioning Call by Tara Gentile.

Finished reading Popular Photography August 2014 issue.

How was your week?

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