26 August 2014

More Miss Fisher

Watching the Emmys last night made me think of my favorite mystery show set in 1920s Melbourne, Australia. Alas, it doesn't air in the US (and hence presumably is ineligible for Emmys) but it's available on DVD.

Have you watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries yet?

Series 2 was even better than the first. And I'm psyched that they are now shooting Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries series 3.

The costumes and sets are amazing and the characters are a delight to watch. Each mystery takes place in a different slice of 1920s Melbourne life.

Watch it!

Series 2 was selling at Costco a few weeks ago, but it's also on Amazon and my local library network has it. So get on that request list!

UPDATE: Apparently Miss Fisher does air on some PBS channels in the US, so keep an eye out!

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