18 July 2014

Life of Art SitRep #232 Stone

This week, I finished adding my designs and photographs to the new Stone Coasters and single Stone Magnets. I'm still working on the magnet sets.
Rainbow Polka Dots on White Stone Coaster
Rainbow Polka Dots on White Stone Coaster by RocklawnArts
Look at other Marble Stone Coasters at zazzle.com

I updated two of my calendars for 2015:

I was going to update all of my calendar items, but the set of 2015 calendar templates in the forum had a typo. D'oh! Proofread things offered for free before you use them, kids, it's worth the time. I wish I knew an easy way to make my own that I could save in .png to preserve transparency. Any ideas out there?

Renamed, tagged, made 8 folders for scanned negatives. DONE RENAMING SCANS!!!! (Until such a time as I scan more anyway. Please forgive the all caps and excessive punctuation, they are taken directly from my notes wherein I celebrate wins small and large with enthusiastic typing.)

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Stone Coasters at Rocklawn Arts!

Read paper pools by David Hockney. Stay tuned tomorrow for a review. :)

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