19 July 2014

41. paper pools

Paper Pools41. Paper Pools by David Hockney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my kind of art book.

Hockney describes his reluctant route to learning a new medium, pictures made from pressed color paper pulp. He writes about the people he collaborated with at Tyler Graphics Ltd. to make the images.

I loved reading him describe his creative process, how he went from one idea to the next in a thorough study of a single object.

That makes it sound a bit too analytical. The book isn't. It's very conversational, like a fun version of what someone did for summer vacation and the recurring thoughts he had that threatened to pull him away. It's a look at an artist in the moments of creation, when the outcome is uncertain but the process is providing inspiration.

In addition to his entire Paper Pools series, there are also many drawings by Hockney of the workspace and his two collaborators, polaroid studies of the pool, and other photographs.

It's a quick, very enjoyable read.

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