07 March 2014

Life of Art SitRep #213 bandana!

I'm not sure why but bandana looks really strange if you capitalize the b, so I left it lowercase in the post title.

In any case, I made templates for Bandanas (see?) and then added many of my designs and photographs to them:
Bokeh in Spring Bandanas
Bokeh in Spring Bandanas by RocklawnArts
Browse more Green Bandana at Zazzle
Rainbow Bullseye Bandana
Rainbow Bullseye Bandana by RocklawnArts
See additional bandanas at Zazzle

Also created Purple Diamonds on White and Purple Lattice on White patterns:
Purple Diamonds on White iPad Air Cases
Purple Diamonds on White iPad Air Cases by RocklawnArts
View other Purple Casemate Cases at Zazzle.com

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Classic Playing Cards at Rocklawn Arts!, New Case-Mate iPad Mini Retina Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New Orange Diamonds on White pattern, and New Orange Lattice on White pattern.

Updated links, LOA files.

Watched Photo Restoration in Photoshop with Suzette Allen on Creative LIVE.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up recently?

Two years ago on TTaT: Batwoman: Elegy

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