08 November 2013

Life of Art SitRep #196 Overflow

It's disconcerting how easily a productive week can be thrown off kilter but I shall plunge forward hoping the week to come will be free of pitfalls and trying to remember how much went right this week. (A pre-post-publish post script: it's also surprising how easily some things can be remedied when you make the effort to ask what was wrong and they discover it was their error. Sent a couple more queries. Fingers crossed.)

And before it gets lost, a poll: If you were going to buy a monogrammed poker chip, would you want a) the monogram to be on one side only, b) the monogram to be on both sides, or c) the ability to have different letters on the front and back?

I created 5 new designs and added them to my shop: Green and Red Diamonds on White, Red and Green Diamonds on White, Red Diamonds on White, Green Diamonds on White, and Light Blue Diamonds on White.
Red Diamonds on White iPhone 5 Cases
Red Diamonds on White iPhone 5 Cases by RocklawnArts
Check out Red Casemate Cases online at zazzle
Light Blue Diamonds on White Wallclock
Light Blue Diamonds on White Wallclock by RocklawnArts
View other Light blue Wall Clocks at Zazzle.com

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Green and Red Diamonds on White design.

Found some new products on Zazzle, made templates for them and started creating Poker Chips, watches, Hanging Lamps and Table Lamps:
Black and White Zigzag Lamps
Black and White Zigzag Lamps by RocklawnArts
Browse another lamp online at zazzle.com

Watched day 1 of How to Be a Commercial Photographer with Rob Grimm and Gary Martin on creative LIVE. Days 2 and 3 will continue live and free on Friday and Saturday.

Watched Autumn Photo Critique, day 2: Landscape critique pt. 1. This course is free to watch any time on creative LIVE.

Updated locations of sales file more. I know, not super useful, but entertaining for me. I found a sale from Hawaii today and more from Switzerland. :)

Made monthly backups.

Don't forget to answer my poker chip poll from the top! I'd really appreciate your feedback. It would be very helpful.

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