11 October 2013

Life of Art SitRep #192 Gangbusters! Hold, please

Well first, Happy National Coming Out Day!

Just flashed back to college where the LGBTQ group would write, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" in huge colored chalk letters on the sidewalks for this day. I wonder if they still do that. I'd be able to take it in the playful way it was intended now.

And now for our regularly scheduled SitRep:

Early in the week, I created several new variations of my meander design for my shop: Blue and White Meander; Green and White Meander; Red and White Meander; Red, White, Green Meander; Christmas Meander, and Purple and White Meander.
Green and White Meander Courier Bag
Green and White Meander Courier Bag by RocklawnArts
See other Green Messenger Bags at zazzle

Updated LOA summary and links files.

RA blogged New iPhone 5/5S Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, New Light Blue and White Meander design, New iPhone 5C Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, and New Orange and White Meander design.

Revised descriptions and tags for 5 designs.

Started work on a new design idea but didn't get far. Need to think it through a bit more.

And then I hit a distracted slump or post burst of creativity let down phase coupled with life distractions.

Still a good week overall. Just need to find my way back into the groove.

How was your week?

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  1. At UCLA the chalk activism I remember the most was about the Armenian genocide. Still hard to read that in a playful way.