04 October 2013

Life of Art SitRep #191 Meandering Momentum

Have you backed up your computer recently? Not exciting perhaps but also not as tedious as some tasks either. At least in my life of art. Rolling into October, I did my monthly backups. I also backup more often than this, but the monthly backups keep the big picture in mind with a variety of files I update.

Inspired by serendipity discovered while creating Wrapping Paper last week, I decided to create discrete meanders: Black and White Meander, Orange and White Meander, and Light Blue and White Meander.
Light Blue and White Meander
Light Blue and White Meander by RocklawnArts
Check out other Blue Playing Cards at zazzle.com

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPad Cases at Rocklawn Arts!, Custom Gift Wrap now available at Rocklawn Arts!, New Black and White Meander design.

Set up AdWords account since Google did away with free Keywords Tool. So far not finding it nearly as helpful. sigh.

Revised descriptions and tags for 20 designs. So many more to go, but it's a start.

Listened to Photofocus podcast excerpt on FB proposed changes. Basically if these changes go through, FB will own rights to your images for commercial use. "If you're not paying for it, you are the product."

That about sums it up for me. How was your week?

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