20 September 2013

Life of Art SitRep #189 Giddyup!

This week, I shot 39 photographs of wild cucumber, flowers, and birthday cake.

I created 6 templates each for 2 iPhone 5C cases, an iPhone 5/5S Graft case, wrapping paper, and 2 iPad cases. Also made a folder with all the images I use for templates to make them easy to find. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

Then I started adding all of those products plus an iPod Touch 5G case to the existing designs in my shop. I finished all of the chevrons, gingham, and bisected lines patterns. Tallyho!

I'm really excited by how my chevrons patterns translate into wrapping paper. Observe:

Many more of these products to come! (As well as other cases not pictured.)

Also watched parts of Creative LIVE's Photo Week: SELF-PUBLISHING WITH BLURB WITH DAN MILNOR, THE 90-MINUTE ROADMAP TO COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ERIK ALMAS, listened to and watched bits of Finding your Inspiration: Fine Art vs. Fashion with Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler, REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY WITH MARC AND TIFFANY ANGELES, and DIY LIGHT TABLE WITH ANDREW SCRIVANI. (Apologies for the all caps, I don't have time or patience to retype them all.)

Photo Week is LIVE now and continues through Saturday.

How was your week?

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