01 July 2013

Allow me to introduce Miss Fisher

Have you seen Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries?

It's a television series from Australia that's out on DVD. I got it through my library.

Miss Fisher is my new favorite sleuth. She's a murder solving flapper in the late 1920s. The stories take place in Melbourne, Australia.

The locations, sets, and costumes are exquisite, and the stories are fun. The mysteries have a lighter feel than many I watch set in present day which is a nice change of pace for summer. These often made me laugh.

The nice thing about period mysteries is that they don't get to rely on a bunch of forensic magic to solve the crimes; they have to be observant and savvy.

I also love that the main character is my age give or take. This seems to be a change from the books the series is based on (I'm just reading the first now), but a welcome one. I'd watch the series before reading the books with a good break in between.

The DVD extras were also really enjoyable, but wait until you've seen the whole series before you watch them.

What can I say about Miss Fisher? She makes me wonder what Miss Marple was like in her younger days. It amuses me to think that before she became the demure, little old lady sleuth, she was a hell-raising, flirtatious, wealthy bohemian who also solved crimes. Miss Fisher also reminds me of Bruce Wayne if he used his skills but without the secret identity. I don't know, she's just fun and ballsy.

Highly recommended!

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  1. Never heard of it. Totally added to my watch list... thanks!

    1. You're welcome! I just happened to see it amongst all the dvds at BJs and it caught my eye. It's fairly new, just aired in Australia last year I think.