31 May 2013

Life of Art SitRep #173 Pedal to the Metal

This week was excellent for productivity it would seem. It began with purple, but I'll get to that in a moment since I'm excited to share a new photograph.

Throughout the week, I tackled editing another abstract water photograph and created Green Water. The pattern made me think of crocodile or alligator skin, so I shifted the color to green. Now that it's done, it also makes me think of marble. What do you think?
Green Water iPad Mini Cover
Green Water iPad Mini Cover by RocklawnArts
Look at Green water iPad Mini Cases online at Zazzle.com

I also created Purple and White Zigzag and White and Purple Diamond Patterns:

From a practical standpoint, I'm really excited about all the templates I created, or well, re-created. I remade all of my address label templates with a slightly larger font and adjusted my images to the new bleed line.

I also noticed the backs of cards have a new print safe border, so I remade all of my card templates. I've bought a number of my cards over the years as well as recently and never had an issue with anything being cut off of the back, but going forward I'll be absolutely set. (Unless they change the text safe and bleed lines.)

On recent postcards I'd purchased, I noticed the "place stamp here" image was displaying with a different dark grey background now that I don't care for, so I removed it from my postcard templates.

Recently I'd noticed stickers stopped showing all of the shapes they are available on. To make it easier for customers, I made additional sticker templates for other shapes.

Made some new stickers for Black and White Diamond Pattern, Black and White Gingham Pattern, Black and White Rectangles, Black and White Zigzag, Black Polka Dots on White, and Black, White, Red Diamond Pattern.

Better still, I remade my vertical templates with a standard size image. It's something I should've done ages ago. When I first made them, the only vertical image I had uploaded at the time was a slightly cropped photograph. I'd been using a standard size photograph as I made new templates, but the old ones were like an anchor causing me more work.

I also created vertical templates for products I'd skipped initially not considering that they would look fine with abstract vertical images.

What else?

Went to an Ansel Adams Masterworks exhibit (highly recommended!) and checked out the rest of museum too.

Picked up my artwork, artist statement and business cards from the exhibit which wrapped up this week.

Watched the bit of day 3 of Fine Art Portraits with Brooke Shaden that I'd missed before.

Updated my yearly LOA summary, also the product and template #'s for past 3 months.

And that's pretty much it. How was your week?

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