09 November 2012

Life of Art SitRep #144 Zigs and Zags

I started off the week by deciding not to add one of the new products available on Zazzle to my shop. Keeping up with new electronics cases is time consuming; I'd rather look forward than back with model compatibility. Also the new cases don't suit my designs all that well.

I did, however, notice new Laptop Bags which are cool. I meant to spend more time on big picture stuff this week but set some of that aside to add the new product.

Caught up on posting three recent new designs on my Rocklawn Arts blog.

In the medium picture realm, I moved all of my geometric rainbow patterns into subfolders of one main Rainbow Designs folder. I also did this for my Flower photographs and previously my Gingham patterns. This effectively removes 5 rows from my main store page which has been getting ridiculously long. There's more to condense, but I need to make some more decisions first.

Wish it were possible to move categories like folders on your hard drive. Alas, not no simple: involves recreating categories and subcategories, and moving everything. The system was behaving for a change and allowing me to delete the empty original folders. Since it was working I got perhaps a bit overzealous. There was a stretch of time where I thought I'd lost a whole product line. Didn't fortunately but the argh I felt was potent.

Also revised my product descriptions with proximity in mind. There are more changes to consider before embarking on the immense project of updating the descriptions of all my products (if that's even worth it for minor formatting changes). Consistency has been drilled into me since I was a kid, so it irks me to leave things imperfect, but the ROI for a massive time outlay is likely minimal. If I revise it all, I only want to do that once and I've got more reading to do first. For now, any new additions will get the revised treatment.

It's a start.

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