12 October 2012

Life of Art SitRep #140 Out and Proud

I was about to head to bed when I remembered it was National Coming Out Day yesterday. So yeah, I'm bisexual. You might think that means I'm into everyone, but really I'm a hardcore introvert with high standards. It just means the person is more important to me than his or her gender. Why that is a cause for offense (putting it mildly) to many people is a mystery to me.

But that's why visibility is still so important, to help change minds. It's also why I created several geometric rainbow designs for my store, to visibly show my support for the LGBTQ community.

And now back to the usual SitRep:

I shot 15 photographs.

Made more wall decal templates and mini messenger bag templates for my store.

I created 31 Wall Decals. It's been slow going because there are so many shapes to choose from. I looked through all of the categories and wrote down my favorites (still a long list).
Bokeh in Spring Room Graphics
Bokeh in Spring Room Graphics by RocklawnArts
Create your own custom wall graphics online at zazzle.com

Updated my @RocklawnArts twitter bio.

How was your week?

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  1. I love your wall decals. I have my eye on a couple. If we move (hopefully towards the end of the year) I definitely want to buy a couple for the new place!

    1. Thank you very much! Always nice to know when things appeal to people. :)

  2. I remember back when you first came out. I always thought you were cool, Claire, but you might have gained an extra cool point or two then. (Those aren't like Kool Points, where you smoke a bunch of cigarettes and redeem them for hats and T-shirts and whatnot. In fact they probably aren't worth much. I just think you're cool is all.)

    1. Worth more than Kool Points, I think. (Anti-smoking person that I am, hats and t-shirts covered with cigarette logos have zero appeal.) Thanks, Vahid.

      You know, it's curious this idea of when a person "first came out." What number of people or which people have to know for it to be official? There are always more people who don't know so it's something of a continual process. Though I don't write about it all the time, I feel like I've been out on the blog for a long time. Blogger's being feisty about my labels with + in them, so I can't search it. Gotta fix that...

    2. Aha! Haven't figured out how to delete my + labels but I did add "out and proud" which works. I was out on the blog during its first year with this tale.

  3. Okay, "Unknown" was me. Sometimes I forget what a pile of shit the Blogger comment system is. Ugh.