10 August 2012

Life of Art SitRep #131 Stagger

Well, I got my computer back on Tuesday, but I still feel out of the groove. The things I had in mind to do once I got it back have had glitches and stumbling blocks.

S'aright. I'll find my way back or maybe forge a better path.

This week, I shot 39 photographs and got a niggling thing about my store account fixed.

And, of course, I watched more of the Olympics. Did you see any of the rhythmic gymnastics? In years past, I have routinely scoffed at the ribbon twirling arbitrariness of it. But have you seen it done with the balls or hoops? Some of the team routines with balls as the apparatus were actually amazing. Still strikes me as more performance than sport, but it certainly takes a great deal of athleticism and grace to do. So brava, ladies, and good luck tomorrow (today I reckon by London time)!

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