29 July 2012

I love the Olympics...

...but I hate NBC's handling of it.

Their website lists the schedule for all the competitions down to the minute which is great, but when you try to see what channel something will be on, it's a different tab and all they do is list 5-10 sports that will occur sometime during an 8 hour block.

Because of the time difference, there's no guarantee a sport will air live. Also note that the default schedule times are in London time. The color scheme of their tabs through me off because when London time was selected, it was grey while "my time" was blue. Nice way to work against web and computer standards of active vs. inactive, NBC.

I really wish they would integrate the competition schedule with the viewing schedule. Heck, it'd be handy to know what sports aren't getting aired on TV. I looked for a medal round of synchronized diving this morning with zero luck. Grr.

Dave2 also made a great point about their schadenfreude coverage of Michael Phelps after his loss. Why not celebrate Ryan Lochte's win instead? I didn't see that one firsthand but they were still commenting on it this morning.

I'm doing my best to avoid Bob Costas, Mary Carillo, and gymnastics because they irritate and infuriate me to various degrees. I have nothing against the athletes who do gymnastics but the scoring inconsistencies and terrible tie-breaking rules engage my inner Hulk.

On the upside, I watched both the women's and men's team archery, women's skeet shooting SPOILER ..... (5 medals across 5 Olympics, how awesome!), END SPOILER.... some basketball, beach volleyball, tennis, soccer, table tennis, swimming, biking, ...

Even when sports I want to see aren't airing, I still get sucked in. The nice thing about the satellite NBC channels is that the commentators tend to be less jerky and more informed.

Here's to more great competitions and the hope NBC will learn some class. Just because you're not competing, NBC, doesn't mean you shouldn't show good sportsmanship. And respect. Respect should be a given, you know?

UPDATE: Looks like the diving and swimming I wanted to watch live this afternoon will be on sometime between 7 PM and 12 AM. Though I'm happy I'll have a chance to see it (though live would have been better!), does it really need to be a 5 hour block? That takes up loads of DVR space. Science forbid if I actually wanted to save something.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll be avoiding twitter and sites with news.

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