15 June 2012

Life of Art SitRep #123 Easy As...

The big takeaway from this week came today while watching the first day of Jared Platt's Ultimate Lightroom Workflow workshop on Creative Live. Lots of files on your desktop will bog your computer down by hogging RAM and scratch disk space. I feel like part of me knew this from before somewhere, but clearly I'd forgotten. My computer's performance does seem improved since I cleared off my desktop.

Also lots of great workflow tips. It's free and live this weekend with replays at night.

Revised my store intro a bit and rearranged it some. Moved my rainbow designs up top in honor of Pride month.

Made more folio style iPad Cases and Kindle Cases:

Mulled over some larger reorganization possibilities for my store. Alas the category structure is not drag and drop, at least not when you want to put a folder within another folder, so it's more time consuming. Didn't pull the trigger yet since I'm not sure I've got the best approach.

How was your week?

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