30 December 2011

Life of Art SitRep #99 Bring on the luftballons!

Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
Whoa, that song came out in 1984. Alas, I am likely dating myself for many of today's blog readers. Anyway, 99 life of art sitreps feels like a real accomplishment even though 100 seems the more significant number. I like the nines.

This week, I

  • Shot 55 photographs of xmas tree and mantle.

  • Added 4 new designs to my Rocklawn Arts shop: White Circles on Blue, Black and White Rectangles, Feisty, and Black and White Gingham Pattern (this one should show up in the store soon):
    White Circles on Blue Black and White Rectangles Feisty 
    Feisty necklace
    Feisty by RocklawnArts
    Browse more photo pendant designs

  • Made 21 Specialty Mugs, a new offering that includes espresso, bone china, and jumbo mugs.

  • Rearranged store a bit and changed store intro links. Changed top picks from cases to calendars.

  • Added links to links file for all of the case types individually. E.g., iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPod Touch, etc. instead of them all lumped together.

  • Removed products from sidebar list that I don't carry: candy jars, pitchers, tea pots, pet bowls, photography. I know, photography doesn't seem right to remove but as far as I can tell, I can't actually offer the thing that would show up in that category. Strange.

  • Posted 45 products to promotional blogs.

  • Tweeted and FB'd some sales and a new design.

  • Watched most of 5 segments of the Creative Live replay of Fundamentals of Digital Photography with John Greengo. Bummed I missed the class on full frame vs. APS last week. Not sure there's enough info new to me to justify buying it though.

  • Watched "The Stylized Blur Effect," "Video Tutorial – How To Convert To B&W In Photoshop – Best Practices" and "Video Tutorial – Using The Crop Tool Within Adobe Camera RAW" Photoshop tutorials.

  • *******
    How are your pursuits going?

    A year ago on TTaT: The Digital Photography Book

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