26 October 2011


So two and half weeks ago on a Friday, I got a message saying my follow-up appointment, that would've been today and was scheduled 3 months ago, had to be rescheduled.

Um, OK.

Because they are making their billing system electronic.


And my new appointment is now 3 months later.

Seriously? WTF? Why does changing the billing system mean my appointment has to change?

Deep breath. At that point, I wasn't even sure I cared because I already kind of hate this office. It's not like any appointment I've had has been all that helpful, and I've had lots of stress and hassle dealing with them. Or not being able to deal with them, as is mostly the case.

I'd wanted to jump ship even before that, but that is its own hassle for a variety of reasons.

The following Monday was Columbus Day, I assumed they'd be closed, so I called Tuesday to change my appointment. I did have a few questions after all. The woman I spoke with couldn't find anything in the system but said Laurie would know and she'd be in at noon. She told me to leave a message and assured me Laurie would call me back. I already knew how this would go, but played along.

On Thursday, still having heard nothing, I called back. Laurie answered and when I identified myself, she was all, "Hi, Claire!" Yeah, whatever. I explained the appointment thing and she said, "Oh, I probably did that." Uh, thanks a lot. Apparently, they've rescheduled a lot of people, so at least I'm not the only one? (*cough*clusterfuck*cough*)

She found me a new appointment for November 18 and all was well.

Until today.

When I answered the phone, I recognized the voice of the woman who'd left the first message, a distinctive New Yorker's accent. "Your appointment on November 18? We need to reschedule that because the doctor's going to be out and we're upgrading our scheduling system in November."

Still not getting why that affects existing appointments.

"Your appointment is now January 3rd at 9:30 AM."

Almost back to where they started.

"Do you have anything sooner than that?"

"No, we can't see anything in the system."


"Yes, we can put you on a cancellation list."

"When is this going to be sorted out?"

"I wish we knew. You tell me," she joked.

"Do you have anything in the afternoon?"

"No, we can put you on a cancellation list."

"Right." Holding my breath on that. Argh. ... Whatever.

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