04 June 2011

Blood Rites

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6)28. Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 6 of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files series. I'm not sure how Butcher does it, but each book delves yet deeper into the life of Harry Dresden, professional wizard in Chicago. Some series feel the same after a while, but The Dresden Files just keep getting more intriguing. Makes me wonder how much of Harry's life Butcher had figured out before he wrote the first book.

This volume has some great payoffs to bits of information laced throughout the preceding books. Even so, you could read this book on its own and still follow the story well only missing the weight of some of the details.

A very enjoyable urban fantasy mystery. I read it in basically 2 days.

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