08 January 2011

I'll say this for 2010...

I shot over 9500 photographs. You'd think I'd have managed to post more of them, eh? Well, here's the very last photograph I took in 2010:

For comparison's sake, I only shot about 1100 pictures in 2009. So that's something.

3 years ago on TTaT: Oh Jerusalem

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  1. That is awesome that you took so many! And the last pic is very interesting :)

  2. Thanks, kilax!

    Kicking off the new year with the surreal... :)

  3. Great shot - are you going to keep up your "week of art" posts? I like them.

  4. Thanks, Voix!

    And thanks for the feedback on the Life of Art series. Yes, they will continue. They may evolve a bit. Still not sure how interesting some of the nitpickier things I track are to other people. I've been streamlining a bit and may do so more down the line. If you have druthers for anything I should absolutely keep, let me know. :)