12 November 2010

Life of Art SitRep #40 Rolling along

Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the journey, full of zigs and zags that are collectively, thankfully, progress.

Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I cheer you on.)
This week, I

•Tweeted, FB'd, blogged Redbubble 15% off sale:
Rocklawn Arts on Redbubble features my photographs on cards and in various print formats: unmatted, matted, laminated, mounted, and framed.

Get 15% off my art photography at Rocklawn Arts!

Use code: RocklawnArts_is_on_sale_1424

Offer ends November 14, 2010.
•Used photographs Epimedium Flowers, Two Oriental Poppies, Double Arch, and Cloudy Sky With Sunburst to create product lines of various customizable items:
Cloudy Sky With Sunburst bag
Cloudy Sky With Sunburst by RocklawnArts
Create a bag at zazzle.com

•Created vertical & horizontal ornament templates.
•Made ornaments for all suitable images:

•Made variations of both color photograph calendars wherein I swapped out January's Raging Fire with Double Arch. I had a logic to how I selected which photographs would be particular months, but I did not consider that Zazzle displays calendars with their cover and first month by default. I thought I'd be able to change it to show the front and back covers, but I don't see how to do it at present. Anyway, Raging Fire might put people off checking out the rest of the images, so I made the new versions:

•Tweeted, FB'd, blogged Two Oriental Poppies, Cloudy Sky With Sunburst, and Epimedium Flowers links.
•Added links/products to 4 lenses and 1 directory.
•Revised tags and adjusted product descriptions for remaining 12 product lines. DONE. (Well, until I discover something else I need to change.)
•Adjusted zazzle store CSS code so envelopes won't show up in sidebar product type list.
•Updated my squidoo lens.
•Noticed Desert Silhouette, Sandstone Fins, Double Arch all had AZ listed instead of UT for card and postcard. Grr. Need to pay more attention when I'm copying & pasting stuff apparently. Fixed 'em.
•Made video of my kinetic sculpture in fall.
•Drew and scanned 1 sketch.
•Watched "The Acid Rain Effect" and "Placing Your Logo On An Image" Photoshop tutorials.
•Blogged, Zblogged, FB'd, tweeted Vets Day Sale.


How are your pursuits going?

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