16 July 2010

Life of Art SitRep #23

A series to mark what I did to further my pursuit of a life sustained by my art each week. Committing to these posts is a commitment to action, because to have content for them, I have to do something. Every week. If you have any sort of goal you're pursuing, feel free to share your efforts of the past week in the comments. Or encouragement, that's good too.
This week, I
  • Offered a Note Card Giveaway on the blog. I'm accepting entries until 11:59 PM EDT Sunday, July 18, 2010, so there's still time to enter!
  • Shot 324 photos.
  • Uploaded Desert Wave to my redbubble Rocklawn Arts shop and made it available for sale.
  • Changed my redbubble profile and added my bio as a redbubble journal entry.
  • Tweeted, FB'd my redbubble Rocklawn Arts shop.
  • Created a bubblesite through redbubble to showcase my photographs. Pretty sweet as it's a clean interface free of any other branding.
  • Changed my blog template using designer. Still needs adjustment but did the shift just to get myself unstuck.
  • Updated TTaT's shop sidebar to include Rocklawn Arts bubblesite. Revised wording some.
  • Rewrote shop page on TTaT significantly.
  • Customized my Rocklawn Arts zazzle store some: gave it a simple header, changed colors, added products to sidebar and added code so it just shows the ones I offer.
  • Submitted Rocklawn Arts zazzle site to 2 threads on forum.
  • Tweeted, FB'd zazzle postage sale.
  • Listened to 2 goingpro podcasts.

What did you do to pursue the life you want this week?

***Don't forget to enter my Notecard Giveaway!***

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  1. Curious how you're liking RedBubble? I realize I have a few photos on there, but I rarely visit anymore. I did give my sister a canvas from another artist on RB for her birthday last year - and loved it when I finally got to see it in person.

  2. I'm still quite new to it, so I'm sure there's stuff I've yet to figure out, but it's simple to put stuff up which is nice. The watermarking is a bit wonky if you try to change your settings. I'd like to be able to set different royalty rates for different products (perhaps I haven't figured that out yet). I do like how simple the setup is for the consumer. I like that they don't have to register to buy something.

    I like the different print formats they offer. Nice that you can get a matted print, for example, and that the matte comes in standard frame sizes.

    Redbubble offers far less matte and frame selection than Zazzle, but it's much easier and obvious how to make your choices on Redbubble. I wish I could set the matte color default to be bright white though.

    I wish the thumbnails weren't square since I rarely shoot anything square.

    The 'bubblesite' is pretty cool for a no fuss display, but since you end up at the regular redbubble/people/name address to buy something, I'm not sure if it's worth promoting. I.e., you get taken away from the name.redbubble version of your site without indicators to go back except for using your browser's back button. That's a little weird/inconvenient.

    Those are my impressions at the moment... what do you think of it?