13 August 2009

Latest fluorite

C and fluorite
Cheating a bit since I posted a version of this to twitter a few days ago. Decided that starting to work on a groove sequence now would lead to staying up excessively late.

Anyway, this is a piece of fluorite I picked up at a huge gem, mineral, & fossil show last week. Saw many spectacular, exorbitantly priced pieces and managed not to buy any of them. OK, I admit it was not hard to avoid spending $3500 on a chunk of fluorite that would just sit on a shelf. That large light blue piece--from England, I think--was amazing though.

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  1. Don't think I have anything against it as I used to collect little bits and pieces of several stones as a kid growing up, but why fluorite? And what do you do with it? Just curiosity questions.

  2. I went to my first gem/mineral show a few years ago and what pretty much always drew my eye was fluorite. The next year, I could pretty well pick it out of any vendor's set-up if they had it. I just really like it. It comes in blues, greens, purples, saw yellow this year, and even rare red.

    Mostly they sit in little boxes. I look at them and periodically pick them up, turn them over in the light... blow dust off them (need better storage). I've also photographed some. In my head, I'm constructing a multi-colored Krypton; one of these days, I'll set 'em all up on a light box and shoot.

  3. Why fluorite? Because after the diamond it is the most beautiful rock on the planet. Especially when they are banded with that deep purple and green. :o)

    Also for some reason, fluorite "feels" good. No I don't mean the cutesy heart / animals stuff (that's like spray painting the Mona Lisa) I mean the real non worked, in it's natural state Fluorite. It just "feels" good. Also if you put it under a florescent light it glows.

  4. Well said, Anonymous!

    Most of my pieces are not polished, gives 'em more character. And you're right, they do feel good. I've been meaning to look at them under a black light.

    Thanks for stopping by!