29 August 2009

Free $5 credit for mp3s from Amazon-deal expires 8/31

If you order Big Kahuna Reef, a free video game download on Amazon:
Big Kahuna Reef *

you get a $5 credit for MP3 downloads from Amazon MP3. Offer expires 8/31.

Just did it and it works!

Notes: It'll ask for your credit card info when you try to order but it won't charge you anything.
Not sure if it will download to Macs since you have to download a PC installer. (In any case, the game is for PCs.) I borrowed my Dad's PC to avoid the hassle of finding out.


*I first saw this on Whedonesque, so I'm using their affiliate link.

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  1. Amazon does have a Mac version of their downloader and it works just spiffy-like.

  2. Excellent, that's good to know. Thanks, Voix!