13 May 2009

Dude... knock!

I was watching a vlog on my computer upstairs when I heard someone trying to open my front door. Not a casual opening the screen door sound but someone aggressively shaking the knob and putting some muscle behind it so that the door was moving against its lock.

After a few seconds the sounds stopped, and I jogged across the hall to see if I could see anything out the window. Nothing. I returned to my room and looked out the back in case the sound had been coming from the door on the deck. Still nothing. I jogged to the end of the house to see if anyone was in the driveway, but it was empty.

Then I heard a familiar engine rumble and saw a UPS truck leaving my street.

I went downstairs, checked that the doors were locked and closed; they were. Peered out some windows: no vehicles or anyone I could see. Then it occurred to me that if the sounds I'd heard had really been someone breaking in, it would've been better if my initial reaction had been to grab a phone so I could call the police if I needed to. Oh, brain, you're just trying to show me that I'd be the girl who would walk out into horror movie night even though I know better.

I opened the front door to see if a package I'd ordered but was not yet expecting had arrived. It was inside the storm door leaning against the actual door.

UPS dudes, I really wish you'd knock. You don't have to wait, just give the door a good couple of whacks before you take off instead of operating in stealth mode, or like today, sounds-like-break-in mode. Thanks.


  1. Yeah, and now when someone does try to rob your house, you'll just think, Oh, must be UPS....