12 March 2009

Have you been watching Angel of Death?

If not, you should be.

Angel of Death is a great, high production value, web series on crackle.com about an assassin.
Nobody looks for the Beretta, when all they see is a slinky chick in a cocktail dress. Noir comic book legend Ed Brubaker cuts deep with the story of Eve, a hot woman with a heart of ice. Zoe Bell steps in as an assassin haunted by visions after a bloody encounter with a very big knife. In this, the most ambitious web series ever created, Zoe makes bare knuckle boxing a thing of beauty, and a head wound as sexy as sin. Lucy Lawless, Doug Jones, and Ted Raimi all show up for the ride... If the sight of blood bothers you, just keep your eyes on her other assets, and remember she can grab your heart with her looks or her hand, your choice.
Zoe Bell's stunt background makes the action scenes amazing. The violence is strong and bloody, but they don't dwell on it excessively (imo), and it serves the story. For me, it's just below the borderline of too much. Enough to make me say Ah, Uf, or Ew about once an episode, but also think many a Wow.

Each episode is about 7-9 minutes long, and I think there are going to be ten in total, which would make tomorrow the culmination of the story. Not to worry, when you go to Angel of Death, it starts with the first episode and will automatically bring up the next episodes as each completes. If you don't want to watch them all at once, you can always go back and then scroll down to the 'Playlists" for all the individual episodes.

It's some stunning filmmaking. I'm not sure how long they will leave it up, particularly ad-free, so you might want to check it out sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

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