31 December 2006


When I got out of bed- reluctantly- today, it felt and looked like the world was spinning. It is, of course.

I wasn't up atypically late (at least not for me), hadn't been drinking or anything, but the day is still awash with low-level dizziness. Not the first time, undoubtedly not the last. Sensitive sinuses and weather changes: I chalk it up to that.

It makes me wonder if we all had consistent sensational awareness of our planetary motion, if we'd view ourselves and our place(s) in the universe differently, and whether that would be better or worse.

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  1. I have had nasty bouts with vertigo. That is absolutely no fun. A slight one last week. It freaks me out every time it happens.

  2. Funny, I never think of it as vertigo since I'm usually ok with heights, but I suppose it does apply.

    The only time it really bothered me was one day I was working on a film. The street we parked on was sloped so the tailgate of our truck was not at all level. I could barely manage to stand on it without falling down. Not good when you're trying to unload heavy equipment.