06 March 2006


Lest you judge me solely on my last audio post, I feel compelled to point out the others are better. At least as I remember them. Yes, the vanity is taking hold a bit today.

They are all compiled under the link audioblogs in the sidebar.

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  1. hi, i`d like to know how you set the width of the archives and "recent posts" same. I have also implemented that on my blog http://cartoonsne1.blogspot.com but the problem is that because of a long post title, it extends to the far right and the main posts appear to the bottom of the page in IE. in firefox, its not as bad but still exists. please help.

  2. Sure. Mine drove me crazy when it was doing that.

    In the "select name=" tag, just add a style="width:150px" value. Then change the 150px to whatever you want.

    You can see how it fits in by looking at the source code for my page.