02 March 2006


When it comes to underwear, I've been a die-hard Jockey fan for years. However, one broke day, I discovered that Jockey has a subsidiary company that sells the same* underwear, for less than I could buy Jockey on sale, under the name FormFit. While you might buy Jockey at Macy's, you'll find FormFit at Target.

*The colors and patterns may vary a bit, but otherwise the bikini briefs are the same.

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  1. Might have to tell Katie about that one. She likes Jockey, but won't buy full priced. She shops the outlet mall for them. But if these are cheaper...

  2. A 3-pack of Jockey bikini briefs (last time I noticed) is $16 full-price or $12 on sale usually. A 3-pack of FormFit bikini briefs is $8 or 9 at full price at Target.

    Worth checking out. I mention the style because I can't absolutely vouch for the other types. (There always seems to be a pack that's been torn open though, if she wants to check.)

  3. I've been a Jockey girl forever, Thanx for the tip!