27 September 2005

2 on, 2 off, 1 on

I did some walking on Friday and Saturday, but then it was cold and pouring the next two days, so I reverted to my half-assed incorporate some stretches into the day approach. I'm proud of myself because today with the sun shining, the sky incredibly blue with some puffy white clouds, I got my ass back out there. The wet leaves haven't mildewed yet, so it smells like fall.

Last week, I felt conspicuous walking a few laps up and down my short dead-end incline, but no longer. We all live off the same popular road with no sidewalk or breakdown lane; people always drive fast on it, and many parts force you to walk in the road. Sure there's lots of places I could drive to and then walk, but until my stuff arrives from storage, I'm homebound; besides, I'm less likely to go walking if I have to drive somewhere to do it.

I did three laps today plus three up-downs on a flight of stairs. As I was about to get some OJ, Dad called down for me to move my car. I'd already pulled it out of the garage so he could clear some space to store the window A/Cs, but now that he was ready to take his out of the window, he was afraid of dropping it on my car. I walked back downstairs, moved my car, walked upstairs, got some watered-down OJ, and then walked upstairs another flight to help him. In the process of taking two window A/Cs to the garage, I added four more down-ups of flights of stairs. Rraahh!

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