04 June 2005

Um, what's wrong with this?

I keep seeing this ad with a series of women talking about how much they like this facial product that makes them look better- Olay's Regenerist, I think. One even specifically says it's not about looking younger but better for her age, but I digress. Below each woman's face is her age and occupation, and every time I see 'private investigator, 41' I wonder whose idea it was. I assume they're trying to add some glamour, a lifestyle of intrigue amidst the flight attendant and tremendously vague 'account rep' personas they've included, but if this woman was actually a P.I., having a national ad would severely compromise her effectiveness. Or maybe she's actually (supposing for sake of argument that she's not an actress) a P.I. in the way Agnes DiPesto might call herself one. Next time, let's see astronaut, deep sea diver, and stuntwoman next to CEO, teacher, artist, and real estate agent.

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