03 June 2005

Sappy Socks

I've never been a fan of slippers. The only pair I ever liked was in the shape of bear feet, the claws extending from the front. Now I just wear socks. I walk out on the deck in them even though a few pine needles might hang on for a short ride. Today I walked out onto the front steps to tell my mom lunch was en route, but when I went back in my feet were sticking to the floor. I pulled off some pine needles and threw them outside, but my socks were still stuck in places to my feet. Sap. Round clear blotches on each sock were still tacky. I'll have to remember that about the front steps.

Today's workout: My head was pounding this morning so I didn't feel like it, but I took a vitamin B compound and some Advil and convinced myself to just bike for 10 minutes. Once I started it was easier to continue.

Time: 31 minutes of indoor biking and then some stretching

Viewing: mama bear moment on Star Trek: TNG, Worf pulls a metal rafter off his son though he and Riker together were unable to do so just moments before; also some bits of Roar to enjoy Heath Ledger's accent and Celtic warrior garb.

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