04 June 2005

Day 4

Time: 20 minutes on the bike plus some cool-down stretching

Viewing: Longest satellite DVR ad in existence- seriously, it was just shy of 3 minutes;
the end of Star Trek: First Contact- when I first saw it I thought they were setting us up to find out that Alfre Woodard's character was actually responsible for warp drive, and I still think that would've made for a more complex and compelling storyline. They travel back in time and find their history is incorrect, but because their mission is to defeat the Borg and restore the timeline, they are faced with the moral quandary of having to leave Woodard's contributions unheralded while the buffoon Cochran is widely praised and revered. It would have to have been a longer movie to accomplish all that, but it could've been a cool commentary on our perceptions of recorded history.

And finally, the beginning of Mission to Mars, possibly the coolest near-future film I've ever seen. What I loved about it was that it treated space travel with many of the restraints that exist today: travel takes time, physics is respected, supplies are limited. All these things heighten the dramatic tension for one sequence that I recall so vividly. I'll let you check it out sometime for yourself.

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