08 May 2005

Five Years Ago

The day started out well enough; I drove Allison to the airport at a time we call "oh-dark-thirty." There was only one task I had to take care of while she was away that was causing me anxiety: giving Friday her medication twice a day.

For those of you who've never met Friday, she's a very particular cat. On most accounts we get along rather well, but it's worth mentioning that most people do not have a great deal of success with her. Even all of the vet's staff dread Friday which accounts for the literal, big black 'X' on her chart.

On my first try, she really didn't want to leave her sunny windowsill so I didn't press the issue. The second attempt got further, but she ran off after spitting out the pill. We had a long talk about the importance of her taking her medication. (Of all things, she's an epileptic cat.) I gave her time to think about her behavior, and it's time I try again.

As I'm here typing, you can tell I'm not relishing the idea. She was much more well behaved when I gave her a pill the other day when Al was next to me. Figures. Thus far, Al's the only one who can give Friday her pills without inducing intense trauma.

Ok, I can do this. Maybe I'll just put on a few more protective layers before I head downstairs to try again.

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