23 April 2005

Miranda Black

Several days ago I was flipping through a stack of quotes I accumulated a few years ago. I read some, scanned others, but still recognized the initial impulse I'd had that made me write them down in the first place. A quote from The It Factor resonated with me. A few days later, my Dad and I went to see Fever Pitch and there she was, Miranda Black in a supporting role. I looked for her name in the credits to be certain (I always sit through the credits anyway) and I was right, so this quote seems particularly apt.

"It's going to be difficult. Success will not come easily." I almost stormed out of the cab, but he grabbed my hand, "You like it like this. You want to be challenged. That's what you asked for."

He's right. Success is going to be difficult. But not impossible.

-Miranda Black on The It Factor relating a tale about a palm reading cabby she encountered.

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